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March 6, 2009
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If you are able to gather a hidden item within the earth called The Orb Of Nexus and able to travel 100,000,000,000,000 miles into space , there will be 4 planets in a circle , each is 100,000,000,000,000 miles high. Get between the middel of them and rip open your body. Then replace your heart quickly with the orb. Then , shortly after you replace it , a hand made from all the elements combined will rip open a small rip in space. It will be about 500 miles high and 1 mile wide. Suddenely , a staircase below your feet will appear for you to go walk up to the rip and your stomach will seal up and all your blood will be refilled. Then walk up there and enter the rip. The hand will then make a staircase for you to walk to the end of the exit of the rip. The staircase to the exit is 100,000,000,000,000 miles long , but you will feel like you are racing towards it at 1000 miles per hour. In about 3 minutes you will reach the end. Now , place your heart in the exit rip and you will be able to cross to a plane called The Plane Of Nexus. When you enter , you will see 2 being looking at you. Both about the height of 50 earths. One is called Plaugeus , he has a worm with a large mouth at the end and three rows of sharp teeth in it for a head and a body muscular with two large eyes on the shoulders and two goat like legs. The other is called Stegmix and is a being made entirely out of cubes. They will lift you up to a large ladder which you must climb up. Then you will reacha room where everything is made out of glass and there will be a being called Calibris , the being which is made out of all the elements. He will tell you these words of wisdom"When You Reach The Skellis Ripphel room , don't dare try to make a zoom , Grab ahold the Heltrix Ledge , Then OFF with the demon's head" Then he will lift you up 100,000,000,000,000 miles high and you will climb up another ladder to a very odd room. The ground is glass and in the glass is a image of space , but purple and black. The celing and walls are also like that as well. Then a HUGE beast , bigger than anything possible will come out of nowhere and try to grab you. Quickly , jump on a floating platform and stick your hand in the wall. The floors will break and he will suddenly be decapitated by something that resembles a large deformed deer and the beast will fall down into the abyss. Then the odd deer creature will guide you up  500000000000 ft high and all the beings will congradulate you on beating the test. They will then bring you to a white room with a odd throne in the middle and you will become The Lord Of The Cosmos..............What happens after is a mystery.
My What If Theory for beyond space.
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You have an awesome imagination.
Nice. Though the whole space thing reminds me of dead space. But the What if thing sounds like a "What if" question being answered. I really need a What if machine right now.
Yeah. I came up with it in 55 mins
Why not try to ask the What if machine a question. Like this: "What if I became the president of the universe?"
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